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Auto Awesome is... awesome!

Oh LJ... I don't forget about you, I just forget when I have time.

I found an amazing new Google feature this weekend called Auto Awesome.  It takes photos I've taken and mashes them appropriately, all automatically and all awesome (fitting name, see?).

Example of Auto Awesome (and how I found the feature):

The guys at classic cup cafe

If you have a Google account and have photos associated with this account, click here to see if you have any Auto Awesome images!  I browsed through mine and found a few panoramic images from when we went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in January as well as a few other great motion mixes.

The above image was taken at the Classic Cup Cafe in Lancaster, TX on October 18, 2013.  Here, B and two friends are getting ready to drum (Caravan was the first song) with another friend during the break of a jazz session.  They were a bit of a switch but were certainly well received!  We had a great time.

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