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A day in the life...

Today was one gigantic pendulum swing. Actually, that's not entirely true. All in all, it was an excellent day.

We started off early with a visit to the dentist for Sophie. She saw one of her classmates there, which excited her to no end. She was a super trooper during the cleaning and did everything the hygienist requested. I was pretty impressed. However, the dentist found a tiny abscess. Apparently when they put in the crowns, they hit a nerve with the front one. I feel awful for not noticing it. He gave us two options: remove it today (nitrous and numbing only) or give her antibiotics and remove it later (with general anesthesia). We opted for removal today and Sophie surprised me again with how well she handled it all.

After the dentist, I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of things to make flower magnets and pens (I'll have to post the pictures of the magnets I've already done - they're so cute!). I can spend hours in there, but I had an appointment to keep, so I think I limited it to just one.

The appointment today was with my hair stylist to get my hair colored. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE it!! I just had her add some highlights and some copper lowlights. It is so freaking cute I can't even stand it! I'll take a picture eventually, I think... ;)

After the hair appointment, I hit the grocery store, mostly so I could buy the necessary items for strawberry ice cream. I should have made it when I got home but really felt the need to get a pedicure again since it had been two weeks anyhow. I'm so glad I did. The massage chair is one of my favorite things, but I love the massage on the legs. It was absolutely fabulous. It even included a paraffin dip, a hot wrap, and hot rock massage.

The girls at the nail salon also placed orders for Flutter Room Spray. I had to take my sample basket in so it wouldn't melt in my car. Yay for Texas heat! I gave catalogs away there as well as at the dentist this morning.

After dinner tonight we made the ice cream. I don't think I'm ever buying ice cream again. Ever.

Now I need to go deliver money to the child for the tooth she has under her pillow. The tooth fairy had to scrounge for change, but I don't think the child will mind. ;)
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