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A Room with a sm00

a brief glimpse inside the mind...

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So I don't clutter up the place around here...
well wishes // hello
Not that this journal sees much action these days. There are a million and one things I'd like to talk about, but finding the time to write is the issue I'm up against lately (when isn't it?). Sophie's starting kindergarten next year, we've taken on this whole Scentsy thing, B is on the board for the HOA now, and he's still as busy as ever with drums and that's only the tiniest portion of all that's floating around in my head.

In any case, I know I've had a few Scentsy posts here lately and it seems to be all I'm doing (mostly because it really IS all I'm doing... I'm trying to get this going for real). If you'd like to follow more, please see me over at my blogspot page or on Facebook. I will still post a random special here from time to time, but I don't need to drive away the few readers I still have.

Thanks for being so awesome for sticking around. :)