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Scentsy Randomness

  • 12 more entries before THE DRAWING. If we hit 25 by tomorrow night, the drawing will be for a plug in warmer! Tell your friends and family.

  • Also, anyone needing samples, let me know. I can send samples of nearly any scent.

  • Interested in hosting a "basket" party? Basket parties are my favorite! There's so little effort on the part of the hostess this way. Just open the basket of scents at the office or in any group setting and let the scents do the work. No need to clean the house and entertain if you don't want to. My baskets always include samples of the scents in the catalog as well as sample products such as scent circles, room sprays, travel tins, fragrance foam, and even a plug in. People love to touch before they buy, so if you're interested in buying but haven't had a chance to touch yet, shoot me a message and I'd be glad to send you what you need for a basket party.

  • Did you know you can get free product from me by hosting a party? It doesn't matter what type of party. If you generate $150 worth of sales, you automatically qualify for 10% free product ($15 at $150) and a half price product. Go up to $250, and you get two half price products (and $25 in free credit). The best level is $400, which pays out three half price products and 15% free credit ($60)! Think of all the gifts you can save money on with that or all the rooms you could fill with Scentsy in your home or office or dorm room!!

  • Remember, Mother's Day is coming up. Scentsy makes a great gift for Mom.

  • April's warmer and scent of the month are favorites of mine. Baby's Breath is absolutely beautiful with the white flowers that stand out against the brushed blue background. Flutter is a very soft scent, a little sweet, a little flowery, and very happy. It's our favorite at the office now!

  • Bring Back My Bar voting will be open soon! I love BBMB months so much, especially when my favorite scents are revived!

  • April is also double punch month for me! Order through me and for every item you purchase, you will receive a double punch on your punch card.

Stay tuned for more great goodies!

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