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Interesting bit of knowledge I learned the other day (or rather, something I probably knew but finally realized):

Heat changes things.

I know, it's a revelation, but it's true. I suppose it can apply to several areas in my life, some of them pretty obvious, and some of them not so much.

I walked into my manager's office the other day and immediately fell in love with the scent he had in his warmer. I asked which one it was and he couldn't remember, so I started digging through the bars on the bookshelf, sniffing each as I opened different bars. None of the scents matched what was in the warmer! I started naming names, and finally ran across the one* he had put in there. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the scent while it was still in the packaging, remembering disliking it while going through my testers, but in the warmer... Wow! It was an entirely different scent!

There was a lingering "after scent" in the packaging I didn't like that didn't at all come through when it was heated. I was pretty surprised by this, and it made me think. All of the scents I've shunned before for some reason or another, should I actually give them a chance? Should I allow them to warm up before I decide how I feel about them? I had noticed it working the other way around, where I'll love a scent in the tester and not so much in the warmer, but I hadn't anticipated this discovery of the opposite to be true at all.

Of course, this all made me think of the bigger lesson here, one involving first impressions. Perhaps I ought to apply heat to a situation to burn off the bad and reveal the good. Perhaps I ought to just realize not everything is always as it seems. Perhaps I should just go back to bed and not try to be insightful at 3:42 AM.

* For those of you wondering, the scent was "Lucky in Love" which is now on my list of favorites.
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