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FB - The Week in Review (2/20 - 2/26)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love using MyPoints. It's easy to earn points when shopping online, but they also give the opportunity to earn points through email clicks. The points add up pretty quickly and can be redeemed for gift certificates to various merchants, and even include PayPal and Visa Prepaid cards which can be used nearly anywhere. - I absolutely love MyPoints, to be honest. I currently have enough points to get roughly $100 or more in gift cards. I really did nothing more than a few mouse clicks to earn that. When I shop online, I can earn points at various merchants. Some merchants offer more points per dollar than others. During the holidays, they often have bonus points. What's even more awesome is I can turn around and make more online purchases with these gift cards and earn more points.

Vote for Young and fighting - team Texas Rangers and then pass it along! ♥ - Please, go and vote. Pass it around and have your friends vote.

Honorary Bat Girl Contest | sponsors/komen

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The thing I hate most about writing anything of content within a webpage is that so often when I'm writing, I have to set it aside to get something else done. More often than not, I wind up being logged out before I actually post and then everything I've written is lost. I should have figured out by now to type into notepad first, just so it isn't lost, but noooo. Poo. - I was pretty annoyed. I had been trying to come up with something to put on my Scentsy page on how I became involved in the company. I had even gone to bed but wound up getting back up because a light bulb clicked. I wrote out the story, and when I went to submit, it just disappeared. Come to find out, it was because I was no longer actually logged into the page where I was submitting it, but it hadn't told me the session had timed out so I never thought of that possibility.

Why yes, I *am* a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Why do you ask? ♥ - Now I just have to sell something. Let me know if you're interested in a basket party. I'll ship the basket of testers to you at no charge (will even let you keep it if you sign up to sell!) along with everything else you'll need, and you can earn free product!

Scentsy - We Make Perfect Scents!

Every time Sophie starts up, this commercial plays in my head. This is my life. All. The. Time. ♥ You might laugh, but I'm not joking. ALL. THE. TIME.

Pure awesome. I especially love the notes at the bottom. SO full of win on this one. Very creative.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I don't normally write notes, but I wanted to include these three links together. Please feel free to pass along this information.

Radiant Systems recently posted a few job openings in the DFW office.  Please feel free to pass this along. 

If you love candles but hate dealing with the flames or the wicks or the soot that clings to ceilings and walls, check out Scentsy! The warmers are electric, the wax never gets hot enough to burn, and the scent options are amazing. Click on like and spread the word! ♥ - I had an order placed on my website today, which excited me greatly! It was through my link on Facebook. :)

Hold the Flame - Independent Scentsy Consultant

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Click the link. Like the page. Spread the word. Find a cure. ♥ - Some friends of mine from summer camp years ago are raising money to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Help them out if you can. Please.

Team Cassie - Make CF Stand for Cure Found

Ooh. I have a live link! ♥ I do! Click it! ;) I'm very happy with the way things are going right now. If any of you would like to host a basket party, I will gladly send a basket of testers to you free of charge. You can earn free and half price products through having a party. If you decide it's something you'd like to do, I'll let you keep the basket of testers as one of your welcome gifts. Feel free to email me at jodi at holdtheflame dot com. :)
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