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No sleep... nerves... excitement... migraines... I'm all over the place these last few days, from tears to giddiness to absolute fear to peaceful calm and assuredness that what I'm doing is the right thing. I'm all worked up over a silly little bit of wax. I don't get it. This isn't me or how I react to things. It's actually rather difficult for me to deal with myself at times. I can't even begin to imagine what others are thinking of me. I am a freaking MESS!

I received my starter kit today. More nerves, more excitement, more tears. I am on the craziest emotional roller coaster right now. I was pretty impressed and overwhelmed with the amount of product that was sent. This will certainly help get things started.

I've been making little scent samples today. My house smells insanely divine. The scent I'm working with is Cranberry Muffin... so very yummy!

There's so much to do and I've got to get started on my list making again. I can't keep my thoughts together half the time. I know this has such great potential. This can go farther than I can even imagine.
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