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And.... here it is!

Nerves. LOTS of freaking nerves. This is a big step for me, very big. HUGE, in fact. I'm really stepping outside of my comfort zone on this one, but in doing so, I'm hoping this will assist me in accomplishing some of my goals for the year.

Here is my story, a little more about why I became a consultant:

I was introduced to Scentsy in early 2010 when one of my managers mentioned in passing his wife sold wickless warmers and wax. Being the candle fanatic I am, but also a slightly overprotective parent concerned about flames, I was immediately interested. I actually wound up developing quite a habit. I was sending her link to everyone, trying to interest my friends and family in something that interested me. Many people suggested I start selling it myself, but I couldn't do that. Direct sales is very much not my style.

Our summer vacation last year gave me a chance to spend some time with my sisters and mother. I took a basket of scents with me on our trip and shared with them my excitement over this product. We had such a great time sitting at the table after the kids were all in bed sharing our thoughts about the scents, sharing the memories the scents sparked, and creating new memories. For me, that was the most memorable night of our vacation.

As the year passed, I saw how greatly Scentsy affected people. I saw the tears and the laughter. I watched people who didn't really know each other come together over a few scents. I saw how much my family enjoyed their gifts. I learned more about the company and its practices. I saw the passion, the commitment, the spirit, the drive, all of it quite infectious. I found myself caught up in it and loving it.

I am still not a sales person. I'm not selling a product. I'm sharing an experience.

Please, feel free to visit and pass around the link. If you're interested in hosting a basket party, let me know. It's something that can easily be done long distance, and there's always the opportunity to earn free product that way.

Currently Scentsy is available in the US and Canada. Starting April 1, Scentsy will also be available in the UK and Germany. If you happen to live in the UK or Germany or know anyone who does and are interested, don't hesitate to let me know now so we can be ready.

I have a great support system and don't feel like I'm going to be left to drown with this. That is probably my favorite part about the whole thing. If this works for me, it will certainly help with my goal to be more social as well as my goal to work on paying off debt.

Thanks for being here for me, all of you.

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