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FB - The Week in Review (1/23 - 1/29)

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Good job, Coach, for being a nominee! Lions Nominate John Herrington for Inaugural Don Shula NFL Coach of the Year Award - Coach Herrington has been at Harrison High School since the dawn of time, or at least since the school opened. He's been teaching and coaching there for longer than I've been alive by one year! That's a long time. I might have had him for one class, but quite honestly, I don't remember that long ago. Anyhow, he's had a pretty impressive career at Harrison. Here's to you, Coach. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Keybard surgery unsuccessful. Will need t find dnr fr transplant. - For some reason, my keyboard was acting up. I have no idea what possessed it, though I'm sure it could stand a good cleaning. I ran my hand over the keys (no banging, believe me, though I wanted to), and two keys popped off. The 0 key was fixable but the O was not. This nearly drove me nuts. It was even more aggravating because I managed to find the parts that fell off, but some super minuscule part was missing, thereby making surgery on the O entirely unsuccessful.

Keybard surgery successful except for the - key sacrificed to save the O. It's like a kidney, though. I'm sure we'll be fine with only one -. Outpatient surgery, very little recovery time necessary. - I just couldn't give up. I know I have a service agreement on the laptop but I didn't really want to mess with getting it fixed and not having an O key was driving me insane! I still might buy a replacement keyboard in the event this happens again, but that's $30 I didn't really care to drop at the time (nor did I want to wait to fix the key). I decided to replace the piece I needed for the O from another lesser used key. I would have robbed from one of the F# keys, but they're smaller than the letters. I decided to sacrifice the - key on the number pad instead. I figured it's out of the way and completely redundant anyhow. So, now the O is working again and I'm less stressed and can get the - key fixed at my leisure. For the record, I was able to grab the piece I needed from work for the key I sacrificed and the keyboard is entirely put back together again.

I might have shared this link before. I'm always surprised by the response I get to this whenever I make it. I suggest having it for dinner and get a bunch of "eh" with no excitement. Last night, Sophie even refused to try a bite. After trying it, the tune always changes. B actually packed his lunch today (this rarely happens) and Sophie asked for seconds! I served this with ham steaks and asparagus. Family Recipes - Zucchini Quiche - This is one of my all time favorites, and I knew we didn't have enough Dream Dinners meals to finish out the month without me cooking from scratch (which I love to do) so it seemed the perfect time to pull this one out of my hat. Typically I would have served this alone or with a salad, but it's just too darn cold for a salad these days, and I knew I would get gripes if there was nothing else to accompany it. The ham steaks were a last minute addition, but they were perfect (and quick to cook up). I cooked the asparagus in the same pan I used for the zucchini prior to baking, and just cooked it long enough so it was tender-crisp (no one here likes wimpy asparagus). There was an argument with Sophie over trying the quiche (table rules here include taking one bite before not eating the rest) which led to a time out. Thankfully that was over pretty quickly and everyone was able to enjoy dinner.

There are some great tips in here. Some of these are fairly well known, but not all of them. 40 Essential Facebook Tips - There are a few tips in here I already knew, but not many. Of course, there were a lot of tips in here that just didn't interest me. I don't use FB nearly as much as some people (that's not very evident in these reviews, is it?). I do believe FB is gearing up for the new phone they'll be offering, which accounts for many of the newer features. I was mostly interested in the external applications (I love Semagic for LJ, so why not have something for FB as well?) and archiving my FB posts since I was already aware of most of the security features, even the "super log-off" of deactivating the account.

It can't hurt to post it again, right? To all my techie friends, please pass this along to people you know looking for a job. Aloha knowledge isn't necessary, but certainly helps! PC Desktop/POS support position - I know I've posted this link in the past, but that's mostly because I'd like to see another person or two in our on call rotation. If you know anyone who is looking in the DFW area, please forward this along to them. Thanks!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What looks like another winner for the dessert arsenal... Lime Squares with Pistachio Graham-Cracker Crust - These just look too yummy to pass up. I'll probably make these right about the time I'm tired of waiting for spring to arrive. That might actually be next weekend...

And... If it doesn't have a tail, it's an ape. - Thank you, Veggie Tales. This song is stuck in my head nearly all the time now. I suppose I could have a more annoying ear worm. ;)
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