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A Room with a sm00

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Better than you...
WTF // rant
Ok. I am completely fine with environmental awareness and doing the things we can to keep our planet healthy. We recycle. We try to prevent waste. We compost. We try to be energy efficient. We teach Sophie about all of these things because we think they're important.

This doesn't mean I believe global warming is real. I have no idea what to think about that since there are several camps of thought and supposed research to back up theories. Personally, I don't think it matters whether it's real or not. I think we need to do all we can to clean up after ourselves and leave as little impact as possible.

However... and you knew it was coming to this... I do have a gripe. NASA, what do you think you're doing? Take a look at the following image and tell me if you think the message on the bag is appropriate for young children (clicking the image takes you to the website where the image was found):

I know this bag is sold all over the place. I don't particularly like the message, but if some tool wants to buy it for carrying their books across campus, whatever. That doesn't mean this message is something that needs to be on a website geared for children. This image just embodies the feel of the entire page. As a parent trying to raise a respectful child, I'm quite disappointed to find this on a government website.

What bothers me more is this: What the heck does NASA have to do with anything environmental? NASA is supposed to be all about space, right? How much sense does this even make? There is a page on the EPA site geared toward children that appears to be a lot more appropriate with none of the attitude.

Shame on you, NASA.

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Seems like something that would be aimed at teens or preteens. Unfortunately.
What about people who recycle the plastic bags!?! That's what I do. I buy way too much stuff to be having all sorts of canvas bags, but I do bring the bags in to put into the recycle thing all the time!

We have some canvas bags, but not many, and normally we'll forget them in the car or at home, which completely defeats the purpose, of course. We try to recycle the paper or plastic whenever possible. I've read a few articles about paper and plastic bags and which one is better to use... They basically come out to being the same, but recycling for plastic is much more difficult and tends to get all gummed up. I have no idea what the process involves.

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