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A Room with a sm00

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Testing the photo upload...
misc // android
This is a photo of Chui I took with the phone the other day. Im really just testing the phone app now. My guess is the image is going to be rather large, knowing the way my phone takes photos.

Also, apparently I can change user pics. I completely missed it the first go around. Now I just need a better andy icon.

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Aww. It's not big at all to me.

I'm thinking the app must have resized it. If I email a photo from my phone, they're usually enormous.

Aw pup!! I'm reading ur post on an app on me phone :) looks great to me.

Ok, I'm thinking I need to get this app. Did you make the icon?

The app is pretty simple, no bells and whistles. I don't think I could handle doing an HTML heavy post, but it's great for simple posts, especially on the run.

I did make the icon, but I spent all of maybe five minutes on it. I think I want something a little more simple. All the people I used to follow for icon makers no longer make icons, so I'm not sure where to go anymore. ;)

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