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2011 so soon?

I don't normally do resolutions, but for some reason, they just started filling my head today. I will list them here and see how the year turns out. Perhaps I should look back a year and see if I said the same thing....

  • Be more social. I miss having friends who are close.

  • Spend less money. It would be nice to be out of debt and have a bigger chunk of money tucked away in savings.

  • Keep the house clean(er). I hate doing the mad dash to get things cleaned before company arrives.

  • Finish putting the house together. We've been here nearly five years and we still need to finish painting and putting up curtains, etc. If we keep going at this rate, by the time we're done, we'll be ready to move.

  • Cook more new meals. This means less Dream Dinners (though we've cut back on the order, so I think we're ok there) and a LOT less going out.

  • Bake more. B jokes that the Kitchen Aid doesn't see the light of day very often, but when I do bring it out, I put it in overdrive. I forget how much I love baking. Of course, my diet doesn't appreciate it very much.

  • Lose weight. This is always on the list, but I really need to make it happen this year. I can't claim the weight I put on during pregnancy as baby weight anymore since it's still here five years later.

  • Unclutter. I'm pretty sure I've said this one before, and we've been working on this over the years. I need to sell off the yarn I won't use as well as other things and just get everything gone. It's nice being able to send clothes off to my sisters for their girls so I don't have to worry about Sophie's hand-me-downs, but I'd like to get rid of her toys as well. Maybe it's time to start doing eBay or Craigslist again.

  • Play more piano. Now that we have one again, I need to play it more. I just picked up some books to help Sophie learn as well.

  • Blog more. Obvious, right? Facebook has made me lazy, but I've found I don't even post much to Facebook anymore. Mostly all I share are links and photos. If there was an excellent LJ app for Android (I know some exist, but excellent?) then I might blog more. Hopefully now that the office has been mostly completed, I will use it more and blog about my fabulous creations. Perhaps I will blog about my resolutions for this year. Regardless, it's silly to have a permanent account and not use it.

I think ten is probably overkill, but some of these are related so it shouldn't be too difficult. We'll see.

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