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Demolition days!

We've started work on the office. We're going to completely redo this room so there's plenty of work surface and storage. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.

You can see the red and beige paint where B pulled up the chair rail in this picture. I know, that's rather high for a chair rail, but we didn't install it. We just painted around it. This was our first guest room, and I liked the colors alright, but we completely changed the blue when we moved it to the front room. We're just thankful there was only the blue paint on top of the chair rail. B has some patching to do on the walls from where he took down the rail and where they nailed the wall searching for studs. We'll probably have to patch one of the corners where the plaster chipped away, but all in all, it doesn't look like it will be too much of a disaster to clean up.

We mocked up where the cabinets are going to be. On either end of the cabinets, both wall and base, will be a shelving unit (bottom left isn't marked for some reason - there's no line separating between the shelving and corner cabinet in this pic, but the line is on the wall). All of the wall cabinets will have frosted glass doors except for the corner cabinet. All of the base cabinets will be drawers except for the corner cabinet. Both corner cabinets have lazy susans. Between the corner cabinet and the drawer there is a 2.5' work space. The line below the TV is for a rod and those lines hanging off it are for hooks that will hold little canister-type things for quick access to some supplies. I haven't marked out the lines for the magnet board or the white board or the cork board, but it's all planned. I also haven't come up with a plan for the insides of the drawers or cabinets just yet, but we're going to get glass containers for things like buttons and various other supplies, trying to be as organized as possible. We'll put lights up underneath the cabinets and will probably have a small table lamp sitting on the counter as well.

The wall where all the cabinets are will be painted a dark brown, similar to the dining room. The cabinets will be white (cheaper, thankfully) and up on legs (no kick board so the Roomba can get underneath and do its thing). The rest of the walls (and this is the part I'm most excited about) will be covered in orange tissue paper! Doug Wilson on TLC's Trading Spaces did this on one of the shows and I fell in love with the technique. I remember wanting to do Sophie's room in pink/red tissue. I'm glad I didn't do that project because her room is so stinking cute now, but I still want to do this tissue paper thing. In the picture, ignore everything else except the walls.

I have so many things planned for this room. Our IKEA shopping list is huge, including futon, desk, all the cabinetry, and various storage solutions, etc. Once this room is done, we'll clear out the guest room closet and dressers and move all of that stuff into the new office/den/work area and leave that space open for storage of Christmas items that are currently in the attic.

I can barely contain my excitement!!
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