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A Room with a sm00

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Please don't squeeze the Charmin... and don't feed it to the bathroom floor!
misc // fizzgig

The other night, Sophie was in the bathroom and B went in to check on her. He came out, trying hard not to laugh, and told me I had to go check on her and do so without laughing, which is never a good sign. I opened the door to a sea of white. The child tore off each individual sheet of toilet paper... from a brand new roll! When I asked her what she had done, she replied, "I feeded the floor!" I had to ask her to repeat it since I wasn't quite sure what she had said and she replied with the same matter of fact statement (yes, we need to work on verb tenses).

I admit, I had to work hard at not laughing. Why she felt the bathroom floor needed feeding is beyond me. Apparently it needed small bites, too, or she'd have just unrolled the toilet paper (which would have been so much easier to clean up).

I finally mustered up enough wit to be the responsible parent and think rationally about how this can be a learning experience. I made her pay for the toilet paper roll. This probably meant nothing to her, although she was pretty upset about having to get into the piggy bank to give me the money. She did apologize to me for making the mistake of feeding the bathroom floor the entire roll of toilet paper, and she was pretty sad about it.

Of course, I couldn't be too upset with her. I know I did something similar when I was about her age (or a bit younger, I think). Yeah, payback and all, I know...

B went in later and told her that some people don't have toilet paper and they have to use their hands to wipe. The quick witted child quipped back, "Well, some people don't have hands and have to have other people wipe for them!"

She will probably win every argument with that sort of logic.

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You could have always threatened her with having to use newspaper for the next three weeks and hidden the loo roll for you & B? Or is that too evil?

It's scary what kids think up, and I don't have kids.

Hah, you're far more evil than I am. ;)


I reckon if I were in your place, though, I'd not have the heart to carry out that threat.

LOL @ feeded the floor! And you are right to be worried about losing all arguments, b/c the no hands thing is pretty good!

LOL I know, right?? ;)

Edited at 2010-01-06 04:12 am (UTC)

OMG that is too funny.... My 6yo, Kyle, has wit like that. It's scary sometimes...

Feeded the floor... LOL!! What a sweet girl, thinkin' of the floor's needs. ;) Hehehe.

I love this layout- curly tree makes me happy! I wish it were purply instead of green though.

I still don't know where she got the idea that the floor might need feeding...

The one thing I don't like about the layout is it's so green, but I do love the curly tree. :)


Jack once took an entire roll of toilet paper and unrolled it into the toilet. I had to figure out how to deal with that without making a royal mess. Ick!

When we were growing up, my little brother put the free end of the roll in the toilet and then flushed.

I'd be curious to know what made her think the floor was hungry! ;P

lmao.. that innocence is just amazing. How adorable!

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