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My little Pink Fairy...

Sophie is just so awesome.

Today was quite a big day for her. She stayed the night at Grandma's last night and B picked her up this afternoon. She got home close to 1:30 and still had to eat lunch and take a nap. The poor thing was so tired and hungry and would get upset at the tiniest thing. We finally got her through lunch (I was quite shocked to see she devoured the quiche i had made earlier). After lunch was her nap, and when she woke up, she was just about back to normal again.

We started carving the pumpkin (we're slow, I know) and I wound up being the degooper. Sophie didn't want to have any part of touching the inside of the pumpkin. I kept trying to get her involved, and made the mistake of putting some on her tummy (I had her strip down so she wouldn't get pumpkin on her since I thought she would be the one doing the degooping). Oh my gosh, the floodgates just opened wide. I felt awful. B got her calmed down while I continued emptying the pumpkin. She designed the face and supervised while he did the carving.

After the pumpkin was a bath (no bath last night) and then dinner (pizza is the tradition we have for Halloween). Sophie was so excited about trick-or-treating she barely finished one piece of pizza.

I ordered her costume for her and decided to add a little purse to the order, since I know she loves purses and only has one of her own (the rest she has are all old purses of mine, which I think might be all of two, total). She cried and said she didn't want a purse. I can't say that was the reaction I expected. Tonight, on the other hand, she was all jazzed about the purse. Go figure.

When she first got the costume, she was all upset about it not being red (she asked for pink, even after we went through a ton of possible colors - thanks to Joe and Blue, of course). Yesterday for her costume parade at school, she decided she wanted to wear last year's costume (black and orange butterfly fairy). That was fine with me since I made last year's costume and I really loved it, but I was still a bit disappointed she didn't want to wear the new one. Today, however, was an entirely different story. She was all about the pink! She was excited about every piece of her costume, right down to the headband (which she said hurt her head the other night) and the purse.

I am so glad I ordered this costume. The tutu is a simple tutu, but the colors are fabulous and worked perfectly. The wings are the best thing about this costume. The other wings we have (two other sets, mind you... the ladybug from her first Halloween and the black and orange wings from last year) can't hold a candle to these wings. They are finished off really well and aren't just nylon tugged around wire. There is some real personality to them. They have their own motion! I really don't know how to describe them, but I would definitely buy these again.

Sophie was very excited to see there was a butterfly in the flowers on her headband. She loved that nearly as much as her wand. I think the wand was her favorite piece. The whole thing together... I just love it! Thankfully for me and my picky imagination, Janine at Queen Bee Whimsies was a joy to work with. She put up with all of my questions and crazy requests and countless emails and the results were absolutely perfect.

B took Sophie out and they went pretty far this year. She was wound up, but tired when she got home. We let her watch one show and then it was straight to bed for her. We got some great cuddle time tonight (she told me she loves cuddling with me). At one point, she picked her hat up from the sofa and put it on. She made some funny comment that I can't recall now, but I was shocked by how clever it was.

*sigh* I love that kid. I miss the baby... I miss the toddler... I hate that these days are slipping by so quickly, but I really love to watch her grow and learn and mature.

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