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A Room with a sm00

a brief glimpse inside the mind...

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Linda Lee is amazing!
awesome // sweet
I made this promise a couple months back. Because I own four necklaces she's made (including one with a bead of her own), and because I absolutely love these necklaces, I commissioned lindalee_ to make a very special bracelet for my mother. Everyone who has seen this bracelet has fallen in love with it. This turned out so much better than I originally imagined. Linda Lee is so talented!

All pictures below were taken by Linda Lee herself. I haven't even seen this bracelet up close and I'm in love with it!

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Oh that is beautiful...

I know, right? I don't even remember what the visual image I had in my mind when I requested was. It was nowhere near as beautiful as this, though.

I know, right? She's simply so amazing!

So sweet of you to make this post!!

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