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Politics: a poll and a request
misc // stephen colbert
I hate politics. I really, really do. I used to avoid news about politics, and almost wish I still did, because I swear it stresses me out. I don't really know what changed that makes me pay attention now. I try not to post about politics too much since I really don't care for the confrontational comments, but I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I will not block comments for that reason.

Before the rambling is out of control... a poll!

Poll #1421929 More Politics

Do you follow politics or do you try to avoid politics?

Follow religiously
Catch headlines
Listen to friends and family but do not actively seek news stories
Try to avoid at all costs
It depends on the topic

How do you get your news?

news websites
friends and family

Do you prefer to read only one source or do you try to find multiple sources?

I follow news from one source only.
I follow news from multiple sources.
I follow left-leaning news.
I follow right-leaning news.
I follow facts.
I follow op-ed pieces.
I do research to hear both sides of the story.
I try to avoid most news.

Do you vote?

I'm not old enough
My country doesn't believe in voting
It depends

Does it matter to you if a politician is unfaithful to his/her spouse?

Yes. A politician is meant to be a role model.
No. Who cares what people do with their private lives?
It depends (please explain in comments)

Does it matter to you if a politician lies about the infidelities?

Yes. If a politician lies about infidelities, what's to say they won't lie about anything else?
No. All politicians lie. It's expected.
It depends (please explain in comments).

Do you think special interest groups should be allowed to influence politicians?

It depends (please explain in comments)

One last question(s). What are your favorite sources for news? Which television stations, including commentators or news anchors do you prefer? Which magazines or newspapers do you read? which radio stations do you listen to? Which websites do you visit? What made you choose your news sources?

By the way, everyone can vote, but no one will be able to see who answered which way. Please don't hold back. If you'd like to comment anonymously, feel free.

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Regarding the cheating and lying about it answers-- I disagreed with the options presented. Honestly, I care a little, but not enough for it to influence my voting. Even some men or women who are considered to have the highest moral standards may cheat. I believe that someone who otherwise has integrity can be lured outside of marriage... and I also believe that someone who has no integrity can be faithful. I don't believe that if someone is faithful in their marriage, that automatically means they'll be a better politician or leader. I would almost expect a politician to lie about cheating, at least at first, because of the associated shame and the way it colors their character.

Also... I feel strongly about what I believe in, but I also know that finding a politician who backs up what I personally believe is improbable-- because most of my views fall under Libertarian beliefs... and finding a good Libertarian politician is just as hard if not more difficult than finding a good Republican/Democrat.

Does it matter to you if a politician is unfaithful to his/her spouse?

I wrote that it depends because if it is some one who's all "family values" and criticizes others for their "lack of morals" ends up being a cheater, then it matters A LOT. Those types remind me of the George Orwell book "Animal Farm." Calling them a "pig" ends up fitting so well because of this.

On the other hand, I don't really care what goes on in other people's personal lives. It's for them to live, not me. It's mostly that I don't want them to judge me, so I won't judge them. Maybe they have an arrangement with their spouse, maybe not. It is up to them to decide what goes on in their relationship.

I don't have any set of anything to look stuff up. I do tend to go to Drudge a lot, but I also Google what I see there to get other view points. I will check the major sits, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news. If something is really coming across skewered, I'll go to the BBC.

I find that my best resource is the US Constitution and knowing the history of the theories behind it.

voting for me, depends on the candidates.

Ugggh I lost my comment so starting over not sure it will be as good as it was...lol

Unfaithful question - I think that for me there are more important issues that concern me. I also think that my lifestyle tells me that there are lots of things that go on behind closed doors and in discussions in private. And how can I say that Bill and Hillary didn't have a consensual agreement about him having flings. I can't. I don't think that is the case the majority of the time but I do think I don't know all the circumstances because it is their private life. Again I don't like that they cheat on their wives but for me there are more important issues.

I don't think I answered the next question on it being okay to lie or cheat. And I don't think it is but I also think as a society we have set it up for people to fail, lie, cheat and judge and condemn them even if they tell the truth. So I almost expect it now that most will do one or more of those things.

Special Intersts - I think they should no way be a part of politics. But I do think that often non-profits get clumped into special interest groups. Such as groups on autism and cancer are trying to give the government facts on the diseases but don't get the audience they need because they don't have the money that politicians seek from special interest groups. And that is frustrating to me. They should be able to help make our government more aware of the facts so they can make informed decisions that could help people and possibly save lives.

I'm either one extreme or the other. If I follow politics religiously, then I get angry and feel like I need to get out there and start picketing. If I ignore it completely, I feel better, but then I feel left out of the loop. So I try to moderate somewhere in between....it's hard at times. So I keep an eye on specific issues that are close to my heart.

News sources: The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, NPR, CNN, The Onion, CNBC, Crooks and Liars.com, real clear politics.com.

generally speaking I care not what a politician does in their personal lives...but as the saying goes...once a cheater always a cheater...and if he's willing to cheat on his wife (the person he's supposed to hold most dear) then what can the population/his constituents expect...nothing less I'm sure. To me that kind of personality seems to be out for themselves consequences be damned.

I don't know what special interest groups are, so I had to pick the third option. Icon is directed to me.

I get news from Fox News mostly, but I do listen to NPR and read Yahoo news and occasionally the newspaper.

I would like to be more involved in politics than I am now. I would love to protest like in the 60s. I really want to be a politician and wonder why I didn't choose political science for a major in college.

As far as politicians cheating and lying about it... Many married people cheat and lie about it. Even though I'd really like politicians to hold some standard above us "regular joes", they're still human.

Edited at 2009-06-28 12:50 am (UTC)

I'm more than a little jaded when it comes to all of this... but if it is a topic near and dear to me, I will usually research and read everything I can before finally picking a side. As far as the infidelity, while it makes me wrinkle my nose in distaste, I kinda feel that politicians are people too. Which is to say they will make mistakes just like every other man. I don't want someone perfect leading our country, or making decisions for the little guys. I want a man who is just like the rest of us. As far as lying to US about it? I honestly don't feel he/she has to tell us about it. Infidelity, in my opinion, affects the family, not the country. It is for them to work out, or not, within the home... it just isn't for me to judge.

since i worked 5 years in tv news i dont watch tv news anymore. all my news comes form internet sites or printed media (huffington post, drudge report, msnbc, fox news, sometimes cnn, seattlepi, seattletimes, komotv, kingtv, new york times, blogs, micro neighborhood blogs, newsweek, time, government sites). i listen to radio for music and i discuss a lot of topics with fellow staff (news producers, reports, talent, managers) topics nad headlines at my employer (a tv/radio station group). i cant watch tv news anymore because when stories come on about child sex crimes i get really pissed off and seriously want to punish the perp and the system for not delivering lethal justice to stop that from happening again.

as for politicians i dunno. i dont care what bill clinton did. it isnt my issue and it is for him to work out in his personal life. but i do care he lied about it. i dont care about the gov of sc. i care he ditched work for 5 days and his wear abouts were unknown. his job requires him to be on call for disasters and stuff and he didnt follow protocol to notify who was in charge while he was gone.

as for special interest. they should be allowed to discus their cases with elected officials only. they can take them to lunch or dinner. but that is it. they can not give money to them. they cant give gifts or trips or anything to help get someone to vote for their issue. i know there are rules for this but ti seems there are so many ways around this. also the elected official needs to disclose any and all groups that talk to him in office. and what that official decides on that case.

(Deleted comment)
I didn't vote in the last election here in the UK because I was on holiday and realised too late to organise a postal vote.

I think that for freedom of speech, any group which has a political agenda should be able to stand for election, regardless of where they come from.

And I also think that people should look at all sides of the argument. My friend Paul drives me up the wall because he will only vote for Labour, despite the fact that they did away with grants and brought in tuition fees for university students, and have not been supportive of the workers in the way that they allegedly should be. Then again, I do wind him up by reminding him I have voted Conservative simply because at the time, I felt that that was the better candidate.

I also think that religious views do have a political agenda, and while all should be allowed to run for election, that could be a very dangerous thing for the continuation of freedom of speech.

In regards to a politician's personal life...

If a person had a fling a few years back and everyone's over it, then there's no need to dig it up, bring it out, etc.

If a person is currently cheating on his or her spouse, then that speaks to the person's character, but it doesn't immediately make me hate the person. If the person subsequently lies about it, then that angers me.

It depends on what you mean by "influence". Should special interest groups be able to give money to politicians? No. Should they be able to write petitions, hold protests, sit-in at their offices? Yes.

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