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A Room with a sm00

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Political BS
WTF // rant
While I wasn't at all happy with the Bush administration, I also am not at all pleased with what's been going on with the Obama administration. I am tired of the crap our government puts us through. I am tired of the games and the lies and the lack of common sense. I am just so tired of it all.

I signed a petition today, a letter written by a grandmother who is just as tired as I am. I am not asking anyone who reads this to sign the petition, but I am asking people take the time to read it with an open mind. This is not about left or right or republican or democrat. This is about America and freedom and common sense and not watching my country die a slow and painful death.

Either way, before I ramble any longer or aggravate the heartburn any further...

An Open Letter to Our Nation's Leadership

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I kept meaning to look this up, I watched when he read the letter on his show. Thanks for reminding me! :)

It's a good letter. It's funny, I wrote the middle paragraph in my profile a couple of years after I started this journal (2003 or 2004) and it sounds like more people are starting to say things that are similar. I knew I wasn't crazy ;)

Edited at 2009-06-19 05:40 am (UTC)

I actually thought of you while I was writing this. :)

While I pretty much disagree, I really admire her gumption. :) THAT makes me happy!!

I know, right? I don't agree with 100% of it, but it's SO good to see someone standing up for her beliefs.

I read the letter & signed it!

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