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A Room with a sm00

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crafty // create
I know I posted something similar to this a while back, but there are a few more feeds in here, as well as a few links. I'm also adding some crafting communities. If anyone has any links, feeds, or communities they'd like to share, please feel free to leave it in a comment.

Here are some RSS feeds I have found/created that are craft related. I do not have descriptions of each written out, but all of them are at least worth a quick glance. Many of these blogs have tutorials or patterns posted from time to time. Sometimes there will be repeats. The spoonflower_fli feed is a Flickr feed from Spoonflower.

artcraftndesign betzwhite crafternoonblog craftgossip
craftsonawhim craftypod craftzine creativekismet
cuteablecom etsydallas etsykids_blog feelingstitchy
fogandthistle folding_trees frenchgeneral getmykniton
gingerbreadsnow kenny_knits littleida_blog longthread
lovelydesignrss lucykatecrafts ninimakes onepearlbutton
pimpstitch plushteam prettyinink_rss purlbeeblog
ricracrss rosylttlethings scrappy_chick sew_mad
sewmamasew spoonflower_blo spoonflower_fli thornberrycraft
vintagetransfer wisecraft

General Crafting Links:

I have a ton of sewing and knitting related links, as well as links for other types of crafts, but that will take a bit of time to sort through. My knitting links are actually all Furled, and can be found here. Everything else will probably have to wait until after Christmas since there's just so much going on.

These are all the crafting communities of which I am a member. I don't read all of them, though. Some have extremely high traffic (handmade_gifts is currently a spotlight community, so it's very busy...). Some of them aren't active at all.

advanced_sewing crafty_gifts curvaceous_knit dfw_crafters
fandomknit fiber4sale fiber_dyeing fiber_friday
fiberholicsanon handmade_gifts handspinning handspun
holidaycrafts knit_wits knitforchange knitting
knitting_review knittingpretty middle_knitters nightknitters
novice_knitters practicalknit recycledyarn scrapbookers
takebacktheknit trad_spinning yarnmarket yarnporn

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You ok over there? Been missing you. Is Sophie Kritter all excited for Christmas yet?


Things are crazy here. I've been sick, so things are slow moving. She seems to be getting pretty excited. She loves the tree! I'll take pictures when it's all done and post them.

I'm off work the next two days and the weekend, and then i start training for the new position. :D

*hugs* Thanks for checking in :)

Congratulations on the new positon. I'm sure I said before, but it's always worth saying again. I hope your training goes ok when you start it.

Will be lovely to see pictures when you get chance.

As for checking in - mountains and Mohammed spring to mind. :D

Ooh, I had no idea! Thank you for sharing. :D

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