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Child related parent type post

If you have children or know people who have children or plan to have children, this post might interest you. Otherwise it might bore you. Fair warning. Note: The majority of the content in this post is from the Sept 2008 issue of Parent & Child. The links at the end are some I've collected over the years.

I have tagged this with motherhood since that's how I tag all of my parenting posts, but obviously this applies to fathers as well.

Friends, if any of you have links related to children/parenting you would like to share, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you!

  • If you have not yet seen Sid the Science Kid on PBS, seriously, check it out. It makes for great edutainment! Wow, edutainment is an actual word... who knew?

  • For those with child migraine sufferers (did I phrase that right?): The migraines could possibly be a result of interrupted sleep (I honestly never would have thought of this). Make sure the child is getting 9-10 hours of sleep each night and does not show signs of fatigue (except when appropriate, of course). Consider taking the child to a sleep clinic for testing.

  • Autistic children might benefit from computer games (go figure!). One recent program is having children "practice real life" via simulated games on the computer. Another program rewards children for focusing and being more alert. Both of these programs seem to benefit the child, the parents, and the people studying them.

  • Children with healthy eating habits perform better academically than those with poor eating habits. Foods high in protein and good carbs (yogurt, oatmeal, etc.) make for great morning starts. Wild salmon, spinach, other leafy greens, nuts, and blueberries are all excellent foods to give to children (be careful with nuts as they are a choking hazard - my pediatrician recommends no nuts under three, but some people recommend no nuts under SIX!). Pediatrician Bill Sears, M.D. suggests to eat twice as often, half as much, and chew twice as long (aids in healthier digestion), but also to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and anything with a number (artificial colors or flavorings). Adding exercise to the child's routine will also benefit as it is a natural mood elevator or stabilizer.

  • Please teach your children to wash their hands for twenty seconds after using the restroom or before eating, etc.

  • Likewise, please teach your children to use the elbow cough (turn the head and cough into the bend of the elbow) to keep germs away from their hands whenever possible.

  • Enter the 100% Fun sweepstakes from Scholastic for a chance to win a prize pack for the family.

  • Check out TerraCycle and the various products they're collecting now (it used to be just bottles that were used for gardening supplies... they've come a long way!).

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