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Calling all links: fonts and related software
jodi // 2 bunnies
Okay, not really ALL links, but quite a few. I'm going to be posting requests like this with various topics with the hope that people will share their favorite links here. Please, don't link to social bookmarking sites or Google. Give me your favorite links and the reasons why you like the links so much.

Today's links request is for any link related to fonts and various pieces of related software. If you have any I haven't shared or if you have opinions on what I have shared, please leave a comment.

Some of my favorites:


Related Links:

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(Deleted comment)
Awesome! Thank you! :D

This is my favorite handwriting type font
Fonts for Peas

This is my favorite grunge or old worn looking fonts
Mis-Printed Type

Every other font/font-related links you had already! :)

Awesome, awesome! Thank you! :D

you have gone mad with fonts!

dont worry my computer has about 30000 faces in it. yeah uber lame.

You know... what's funny about that statement is this isn't even all of my links.

Why yes, I am a font whore! I've been told my computer runs slow because of all of my fonts. I actually even pay for fonts from time to time (as a non-professional, that's nearly unheard of).

When trying to load up The GIMP or Photoshop or whatever graphics program du jour, especially if it reads all of the fonts when it's loading, I have to just get up and walk away from my computer (and my computer isn't a dog).

It's an addiction, I know. I finally learned to use a font manager and I install/uninstall fonts as necessary. It makes life much easier now.


yeah to many fonts in the system folder makes the computer BREAK.

you need a font manager. i and almost 99% every other designer uses this product from extensis called... suitcase

what it does is auto loads the fonts used in a photoshop file (usually, has a few bugs) and allows all the fonts to be stored outside of the system fonts app and then they can be browsed and loaded by you when you or a file being opened needs them.

i have used suitcase since 1996 (well i went to a rival in 99 for a while due a big bug they had then but then they bought the rival and rolled into suitcase).


Okay, that is way cooler than any other font manager I've ever tried. Of course, it costs a lot more, too. ;)

I wonder... I should look to see if there's anything open source that's similar to this. I switched from using Photoshop to using The GIMP because I just couldn't see myself paying that much money for a piece of software I don't use professionally and don't use that often.

Hmmm... I feel a little research coming on... :p

Thanks for the link! That software is slick!

http://fonts.tom7.com ~ Divide by Zero
Just fun fonts, well organized.
You might have said this one... Not my favorite, but has a very thorough search mechanism
Again, a great search
http://www.larabiefonts.com/ ~ Larabie Fonts
Again with the fun fonts, all free
http://www.urbanfonts.com/ ~ Urban Fonts
I like their organization and categorization. You can also search and see the fonts in the text that you enter, to more easily match fonts

The Font Thing is a neat little utility.

I can't seem to add this post as a memory and I want to... I'll have to tag it and come back to it later. I love fonts!

I listed Divide by Zero. ;)

I've seen all of these except Larabie and I absolutely LOVE that site! Thank you for sharing! :D

One of the things I've noticed, especially with the free font sites, is they tend to have all the same fonts. I'm not above paying for fonts, especially fonts I really enjoy. I should out a request to the Mom Pack and see if I can get a few links for paid font sites since I don't have very many.

At one point I had all these plans to make my own with Fontographer, but it never happened.... ;)

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