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A Room with a sm00

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Don't Stop Her Now, She's Having a Good Time!!
Little Miss Thang is a little out of control with the signing sometimes. Today, she was signing train and animals. Of course, I was so confused at first until I put the two together. Her sign for train isn't quite what it should be, but when she says and signs it at the same time, I can usually guess what she's trying to say. When she says animals, however, it sounds like "Elmo," and I couldn't figure out why she would be saying that since she doesn't really care about him one way or the other. It finally dawned on me she was trying to sign and say animals and once I processed this it made so much sense. Earlier, we had watched Signing Time! Volume 9: The Zoo Train. She was either asking to watch it again or was talking about watching it, is my guess.

She cracks me up how random she is with her signing. We'll be quietly cuddling or sitting at the dinner table and, all of a sudden, she just starts signing something. Tonight at dinner she was signing tree, most likely because she could see one of the trees in the backyard from where she was sitting. Another sign she pulled out of her little bag of tricks tonight was lion, pointing at the television, looking at me as if to ask me a question. Sadly, our local PBS affiliate has rearranged its schedule and Between the Lions is on mid-afternoon and we almost always wind up missing it now. I think she was asking to watch it.

Whenever we say "wait" or "please" to her, she almost always comes back and signs both wait and please (probably my two favorite signs she does). She's still working on I love you, but is getting closer every day. She will also sit with her books and read through them, signing most of the pictures she can.

I think one of the funniest things she does with the signing is she'll sign words that sound like the words she knows, but aren't even close in meaning. When she hears me ask her if she wants to give Chui a "treat," she signs tree. There are a few others she does like that, but that's the one she does most often. Krazy Kritter! ;)

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is that just coincidence or did you just quote Queen there in your title? :-)

It was a very intentional misquote. ;) I love that song!

I love the treat/tree bit. :)

I want more videos of her. Especially while signing random stuff.

I am SO bad about videos and pictures lately. They're all on my camera which is sitting right here next to me and all I have to do is put the card in the laptop and transfer them, but then I think of all the renaming and everything involved and decide I just don't want to do it. This is even more frustrating because I need to take pictures so I can get things posted on eBay very soon. o.O

Pictures and video will be up soon. Keep prodding!! :)

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