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A Room with a sm00

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Kritter update
I've been pretty bad about updating about the baby lately, and this is really the only way I keep track of all she's done.

  • I'll have to go through the lists of words from the Signing Time DVDs and mark all the ones she knows, but it's easily over 100 now.
  • She just said "Emo." I thought she was saying "Elmo" but we don't watch Sesame Street often enough for her to know his name. Come to find out she was actually saying (and signing) animal.
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  • The vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds, not just signed, but spoken as well. She is also starting to put words together on a regular basis. "All done, mama," and "please, more __," are two phrases I hear quite a bit.
  • Sophie loves to watch Between the Lions (as do I). She seems to be genuinely disappointed when the show is over. We don't watch it every day, but she is pretty much glued to the television when she does watch it.
  • We went to visit B's grandfather last week. As we were heading out to his place, Sophie saw a train and said, "Chee chee!" (which is what she often says for French toast) and then said "Choo choo" (sounded about how she would normally say shoes) but of course, I had no clue what she was saying. Her Uncle Nathan had to clue me in to the fact that we were passing the train yard. Duh me.
  • Some of Sophie's favorite words include monkey, gorilla, butterfly, imagination, dream, pretend, principal (don't ask, I don't understand it), and chicken. I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them right now.
  • Sophie has been trying some foods from my plate and she loves nearly all the chicken I've made, shrimp, fish, most noodles, rice, and various other foods.
  • Applesauce is another big hit with her. She loves to paint herself with applesauce, too. ;)
  • She runs around very well now and is tripping on her feet less and less. She's pretty good about getting out of bed (with a little help from us) but hasn't started climbing yet (thankfully).
  • One of our favorite games is a hybrid of tag and hide-n-seek. She usually stands in the kitchen and I try to sneak out with her following behind me. Because of the way our kitchen is laid out, I can usually sneak up behind her from the other direction before she's completely left the kitchen and say, "Boo!" to which she always giggles and replies, "Boo!" I love it.
  • Sophie is one book reading fool, and loves to ask us to read to her. I'm so glad for this.
  • The 12 month clothing is finally a thing of the past. Some of her 18 month clothing is too small for her but some of it is too big for her still. I need to start shopping for 24 month soon.
  • Sophie loves to walk whenever we go places. She sits in the cart for a few minutes and then signs walk. I love letting her walk with me as long as we aren't at the grocery store alone. That's the worst time for her to want to walk.

I'm sure there's more, but this is all I've got for now. Dinner is screaming to be fixed and it's drowning out all other thoughts.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the tip!! That is a good idea about the clothing! I never would have thought of that. She's 16 months now, and we have a potty for her, but she's not really showing any interest yet. I think B and I both trained early, so I'm hoping she will as well. ;)

And let me tell ya... her diaper butt is HUGE. ;)

Megan used to say GawGone for all gone or all done... I miss that. *I* still say gawgone and good girl helper. She got me trained up right.

At that age, Megan's favorites were tomatoes and blueberries. She used to get so juice stained with blueberries that I finally made a bunch of post cards for my mom with blueberry handprints. Anyone BUT a granny might think that is nasty, but she was pretty tickled. :) Toby ate peas and avocado like they were candy.

I miss that age.

Oh yes- and Between the Lions is one of my favorite kid shows. Lame as it sounds, *I* kinda miss that one. ;)

I love it. I sometimes will watch it even if she's napping. I wish it had been on the air when I was a child.

I really liked the old Blue's Clues too, with Steve. We still sing those jingles. Mail time. Healthy snacks, healthy snacks, we love to eat- YUM!- healthy snacks!

And that damned planet song... LOL.

Yeah. I was bummed when I went to watch it again and found it wasn't the same Blue's Clues I remember from years ago. It's so disappointing.

Sophie's "all done" sounds very close to "aw gawn" or "aw dawn" and I love it. :) I need to go through the rest of her spoken words and write down the other words she says that are too cute so I don't forget.

Sophie loves tomatoes and blueberries, and she loves peas and avocado (ahcahdo? - it's always a question) as well. I know my mother would get a kick out of the postcards. ;) I should do that as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure how well applesauce would apply though. :p

I'm afraid this is going to go by all too quickly. I want to bottle up her cuteness to save for later.

Oh yes... AH dooo CAH doooo. That was Toby's. :)

We still say that one too.

And once, when Meg was about that age, my stepdad said something she didn't like. She put her hands on either side of his mouth, and tried to get him to say what she wanted him to say. We still do that one too. :)

ROFL about the hands. I love that!!

It's nice to know I won't be the only mom who has no clue what her toddler is saying...someday. We're still nonverbal, nonsigning (almost 10 months old).

I think Sophie started signing a little after she hit the 10 month mark. I don't remember when she started talking. I think banana was one of her first words, but don't remember when it happened. I'm pretty sure it was before she was a year old, but I'd have to dig through my entries to find out for sure. ;) Vi is probably right around the corner from talking!

There are SO many words Sophie says and I just don't have any idea what they are. I hate it, but I know it shouldn't last too much longer. It's much easier for me to understand her than someone else, though. Even her father struggles to understand her from time to time.

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