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List of purely random items

  • B and I did Dream Dinners this past Saturday morning and loved it. We had a good time and came home with plenty of good food. I am still amazed that nearly 72 servings worth of food fit tightly packed on one of our small shelves in our freezer (we have a side-by-side). We averaged about $3 per serving, which isn't all that bad, unless the serving sizes are on the small side (many times there is too much food) and people take more than an actual serving.
  • Sophie is walking more and more and doing a pretty good job of it. I suppose it's time to find a pair of sandals for her to wear when we're out and about now since I'd rather not put her down barefooted.
  • .
  • The sign repertoire is increasing exponentially. She knows at least 78 signs now. I still think please is my favorite, but wait is awfully darn cute as well.
  • Along with signing, her spoken vocabulary is increasing dramatically as well. She loves to sit up after a nap and point out body parts (making sure they're all still there, perhaps?) and she loves to walk around the house saying "no, no, no" (hmm... wonder why) all the time. She tries to say cheese, avocado, snacks, nap, bottle (for my water bottle), and many others. I love listening to her talk, and I think my favorite word that she says is please, of course.
  • Sophie also loves to sing. Her favorite song is The Itsy Bitsy Spider and she even does motions to it (including the sign for sun). She also loves Pat-a-Cake, but she does it with her feet. She's such a crazy critter.
  • She has been surprising us lately with her little memory and her overall cuteness. Today, while sitting on B's lap in our recliner (the one he tipped), Sophie noticed a picture of herself on the ledge over the recliner, signed baby, and then tried to pose as she was in the picture (too cute!). After that, she pointed over to the DVD cabinet which has pictures on top of it, signed baby and cold (for the picture taken when she was in the hospital), and then she signed Daddy (for the picture of her sleeping on Daddy). She could not see either of these pictures at the time, but still knew they were there. I love watching her little mind in action.
  • Today, Sophie was a very good helper. She emptied all of the diaper wipes out of the laundry basket and tried shaking them for me, and when I asked her to put them back in the basket, she did! She even tucked the wipes that were partially out of the basket back into the basket. She also took all of her toys out of one of her tubs but then proceeded to put them all back in once she was asked. Of course, she dumped the tub again after that but put all the toys back without being asked a second time. I understand a lot of this is a simple game to her, but that's quite alright with me.
  • We made a family trip to the grocery store today, mainly for eggs, but picked up a few other items while there. There were quite a few items in our cart and managed to walk out of there under $70. We also happened to walk out without any eggs. B made a special trip to The Devil to buy eggs for me since I needed an egg (yes, that's right, ONE FREAKING EGG) for the corn bread I made for dinner. Of course, had I not used an extra egg in the potato salad (recipe to be posted later, so be sure to check the recipe blog), I would have been fine.
  • I don't think I've done one thing on my To Do list other than start cleaning off my desk. I need to get the return completely cleared since I will have to put the box on the desk to install the new (to me) drive.
  • Chui escaped again the other day and one of our neighbors was nice enough to knock on our door to let us know.
  • Someday I will get pictures uploaded from the trip, just like someday I'll get my email cleared out from when I was up north as well.
  • People without children and without childhood development degrees who try to tell me how to raise my child, please step off. People with experience raising children and whose opinions I respect, feel free to step in.
  • Ew, two sentences that end with a preposition (too lazy to be bothered to fix them right now, mostly because they're idiomatic phrases that are widely accepted, and possibly even excepted). I am such a grammar freak that it pains me to read anything where grammar, spelling, or punctuation are abused in any way (an entire separate post for a later time). This article made me weep.
  • My computer is still in dire need of being reinstalled. I'm going with a dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows XP and am pretty excited about the Ubuntu (XP is for backup). If anyone has a better idea and would care to share it with me in precise detail, please feel free.
  • Obviously, we have not yet floated away from all the massive amount of rain Texas has received this year. The dog almost floated away, but the house still stands. Okay, the dog really was never close to floating away, although for all the muddy digging he's done I almost wish he had.
  • I have four sailboats left to knit in the blanket for Maddy. I will take pictures once the sailboat panels are complete.
  • My snapdragons have made a reappearance. I don't remember having snapdragons last year, but then again I think I still suffered severe hormone head.
  • If you have a MySpace account and feel like adding friends, feel free to add me. The link is in my profile, but the username is obvious.
  • I've got a rock, but not one nearly as oddly placed as the rock my neighbors have, which sits in the middle of the sidewalk in front of their house.
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