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A Room with a sm00

a brief glimpse inside the mind...

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Bird and diaper, while not exactly signed properly, were just discovered over the weekend, possibly more by me than by Sophie. She's probably been signing them for a while and I just have not picked up on them until now.

More to follow about the trip to Abilene...

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I'm not sure how funny you think this is, but I'm entertained by the fact that she's evidently signing on her own, and you're only just picking up on it.

Sophie needs the kudos for pulling the wool over your eyes. :)

We think it's pretty funny but are amazed at the same time.

She watches the videos, most times with me in the room so I can watch her sign to the videos and figure out which signs from the videos she's learned. We're using all the signs we think are important, but will add signs to our vocabulary as she does.

Diaper is one of those words we try to sign, but when she's on the changing table she can't see us sign. I almost always forget to sign it before she's up there, though.

Interesting news from Grandma about diapers today. Every time Sophie needed a change, she would get a diaper and give it to grandma and sign diaper.

The kid kills me, I tell ya.

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