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A Room with a sm00

a brief glimpse inside the mind...

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Signing Update, Part C
Just when I think I have it all down...

I forgot to add brush teeth to the first list. She's been signing that for a while now.

Also, while watching Vol.1 and 2 today of Signing Time!, I realized that she's been signing airplane for a while now and also knows how to sign friend and play.

The child is in overdrive. Sheesh.

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It's very awesome that Sophie has been learning how to sign. I especially love that she's been signing and singing at the same time.

Let me just tell you right now how difficult it is to type signing and singing in the same post. In a nutshell, it sucks.

We are somewhere around 40 signs now and I can't keep up with her anymore. I love signing with her since she gets so excited when she learns a new sign. That alone is worth it.


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