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Signing update
Sophia continues to amaze me on the signing front. She recently added a handful of words we rarely use around the house to her signing vocabulary. On top of this, she's trying very hard to say the words we use on a regular basis. We are still using Signing Time! and Baby Signing Time! just about every day. I discovered that she knows the songs pretty well and will actually sign the words she knows when the songs are playing from CD.

eatjuicedad- socks*thank youbook
apple*milk-grandpabath*my turn*car
banana-watergrandmawash handsplay*bike

* recent additions to Sophie's signing vocabulary
- words Sophie has been trying to say (some more successfully than others)

Of course, her signs aren't always perfect. Some of the signs that she used to sign well are a garbled mess now (cereal almost looks like frog now, what's up with that?), but some of the signs she hasn't been signing well are finally starting to click with her (see the cracker video below). The sign for daddy is still not quite right, but it's close, and we know what she means.

I noticed recently that she will sign while we are reading a book together if she recognizes the word or the picture. This is how I learned she knew flower and ball (her sign for ball is not correct, but it works for now). She has also been signing cold whenever we see polar bears in her books. I thought this was a bit strange since I didn't think she should have any concept of hot or cold, but apparently B taught her that polar bears live in the cold.

One of the signs she could never get quite right was cracker, but tonight she is one step closer. At the very beginning of the video, she signs cracker the old way and then realizes she knows how to do it correctly (well, almost correctly) and switches. She was pretty proud of herself tonight when she realized what she had done, and I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of her myself.

::: Sophie signing cracker :::

We have the first three Signing Time! DVDs and the two Baby Signing Time! DVDs along with the music CDs for all of those videos. Sophie absolutely loves to watch Rachel, Alex, and Leah and she loves to sign and dance to the songs. I need to work on getting the rest of the videos eventually.

I hope all goes well in Abilene and Sophie enjoys seeing Rachel live as much as I think she will. I'm sure she'll be signing her little heart out.

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Signing time!

I love those videos. My son, who is about a year and a half, is deaf, and we've made heavy use of the series so far.

Did you happen to catch Rachel's blog recently? I think about a month or two ago, Leah decided she wanted to enter the spelling bee and wound up winning! I cried when I read it.

I don't know many people who use this system, but then again, I don't know many who choose to sign with their babies. I love doing it, mainly to see how much joy it gives her to learn a new sign. My mother-in-law signs and was so excited when we told her we were going to teach Sophie. B's aunt and uncle used to teach at the school in Austin for the deaf and somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee as well. I took a semester of it in college but forgot most of it since I never used it. I wish I had had these videos back then since I've learned more now than I knew then.

I've had so many people ask what we use to teach sign and why we decided to sign with her since she isn't deaf. I love to talk about it (obvious, isn't it?) and explain to them why I think ST is the best and why we chose to sign. I do get a little annoyed when people try to tell me that this won't help with the terrible twos since I've already seen how much it can help us. Instead of pointing and grunting and us playing a guessing game, she can tell us (for the most part, at least) what she wants. Boy howdy, when we don't understand her, she is NOT a happy camper! Anyone who argues that the child will be slow to talk because of learning sign is full of malarkey as well. Sophie tries to say the words as she signs them all the time!

Have you seen Signing Time! Kids yet? That site makes it a lot easier to get to all the activities and lyrics, etc. I can't wait until she's old enough to start working with some of the activities.

I'll shut up now. ;)

OMG that is soooo cool! Way to go Sophie!

She's hilarious with this now. She woke up signing cracker and she'd start off the old way and had to keep reminding herself how to do it correctly. Of course, then she would get all excited all over again. She's too funny!

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