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A Room with a sm00

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She can chew bubblegum and walk at the same time!
I was lucky enough to catch a little video (sorry the video is so dark for some reason) of Sophie the other day while we were watching one of the Signing Time! videos. Lately, she's been standing more and more on her own. She hasn't taken any steps yet (at least not of which I'm aware), but she's pretty close (the distance between reaches continues to grow). She happened to be standing on her own at the time of this video and she actually signed wash hands without falling down (okay, maybe she did fall down at the end, it's difficult to tell)! She doesn't use this sign often, but as soon as she heard Rachel say it, she started signing. I am still so amazed at how much she has learned!

By the way, we are considering heading to Abilene June 9 for Signing Time! Live at the KidzFest. Abilene will be the longest car ride Sophie has had yet, so we're not entirely certain we want to do this. I think Sophie would get a kick out of seeing Rachel (she gets so excited when she sees Rachel's picture, even on the DVD cases), but I also think maybe we should wait until she can remember it.

20070524: Sophie standing and signing wash hands

Edited to add: How little sense does this make? While viewing my main page, the video that shows for me in this entry is the Bananas! video, not the video mentioned in the post. However, as soon as I click the link for this entry or the video tag, I see the correct video. I would not be surprised if it is just my computer since it is in dire need of a reinstall Just in case it isn't, I thought I'd share this for anyone interested in the correct video.

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looks right ti nw. soeey, nak. i hacw no sound but shes standubf by basket. SO CUTE. i heart signing. my kids have only the first st dvd.

i totally thought of you wjen i got the kidfest email. i think you should go, for your memories of her reaction at this age. and cute vids to share

If you have a VCR or DVR, KERA shows Signing Time every Sunday morning at 6:30. There was a time when I would have been awake by this time on a regular basis, but that's many moons ago now.

We're still toying with the idea of going, but we'd have to leave here pretty early. I think she might explode if she sees Rachel and then we'd have little Sophie bits to pick up everywhere.


signing time live??? penny would be absolutely GIDDY! neato!

I've heard of other children being able to see Rachel at some live events and they have the best time with it. She has had kids come up on stage with her and everything. I wish this one was closer to us, but 2.5 hours isn't too bad, I suppose. I'm so torn!

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