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A Room with a sm00

a brief glimpse inside the mind...

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She will never cease to amaze me
Last night B sat down in the recliner with a bag of Mission tortilla chips (the best tortilla chips I have ever had, by the way). Sophie and I were sitting on the floor and she crawled over to the recliner and pulled herself up in front of B. She then signed please and eat. B nearly melted (I missed it, of course). She reached up for him to pick her up and while she was sitting on his lap she kept signing to him.

Just now as I am typing this, she crawled over to his chair in the office, pulled herself up, signed dad (or her version of it, at least), and said, "Da?" I told her that yes, that was Daddy's chair, but that he was at work. I'm not sure how much she understands, but I'm guessing she understands a lot more than we think she does.

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AWWWWW =] That sounds sooo cute.

If being cute was deadly, she'd be a weapon of mass destruction.

She's smart for her age! Whenever I beat myself over giving up a career track (not that it was in high gear over the last few years) I am reminded on how much I am not missing by being home with my son.

Today my boy discovered the properties of a dryer sheet. He kept putting it on my shirt and laughed his head off when it stuck. He's not even two.

They're much brighter than we can imagine.

I love when children discover the simple things we take for granted that are so absolutely amazing to them. Sophie's latest is opening and closing doors. She is completely awed by this!

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