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Sophie absolutely loves bananas. She gets so excited when she knows she's going to eat a banana during a meal. We've been out of bananas for about a week now, and while we were at the grocery store today, she made it very clear that I was to buy bananas for her. Since this is the only word (other than mama, dada, and other babbling words) she says, she says it very well and with much confidence. As I was trying to pick produce, Sophie kept shouting "bananas!" as loudly as she could, signing it while she was shouting it. Of course, it doesn't sound exactly like "bananas" but it's pretty darn close. She had quite a few other shoppers laughing about this, and a couple even checked to make sure I had a hand of bananas in my basket.

I was lucky enough to capture some of this on video using my handy dandy little cell phone. The quality isn't the greatest, but I think it is clear enough to get the idea.

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