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Hmm. Why is this stressing you out so much?? Is it that it's so far outside your comfort zone, you're not sure what to expect?

I will be having an 'open house' of sorts for clothes... I just posted today with a lot of details... let me know if you're interested in coming over and I'll invite you!

Girlfriend, you nailed it. I know this is a great opportunity for personal growth and I need to use it to my advantage, but sometimes the whole thought of it all just overwhelms me to no end. It's more exciting than anything else, but this is all so new, I really just don't even know where to begin.

I'll check the post. Thanks for mentioning it! :D

It sounds exciting. It's great to have new challenges and I'm sure you'll do well. I'll be your first UK customer :o)

Thanks, James! This means a LOT to me! :D

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