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I tried to get the app but it's not for Blackberry yet :o( Thanks anyway

James, it's time to make the jump. I loved my BlackBerry, you know I did. However, I love my Android phone about a hundred times more. It's so much easier, can do so much more, and is just all around wonderful!

I do hope Springpad make an app for the Blackberry, though. I think everyone should be able to use it mobile. I'm not sure how well it works in a mobile browser, but that might be an option. :)

I'll have to look at Android. A few mates have them now. I like my BB because it has a real keypad not a touch screen one, though. Oh and it feeds my emails without me having to check them. I take it the Android does this as well?

There are Android phones with real keyboards. Mine has one. I'll tell you, though... I got this one because I thought I wouldn't like the touch screen and that I would need the real keyboard after moving away from the BB. I was *so* wrong. I *never* use the slide out KB!

The Android phones are so awesome for email and social networking. I usually get quicker notification on my phone than I do when I'm logged into Gmail. It's easier to keep up with LJ and Facebook with the Android than I found with the BB, too.

Of course, if you stick with the BB, Evernote is similar to Springpad and is quite useful. I know there's a BB app for that, though I'm not sure if it's available for all versions.

No, you've got me thinking about the Androids now LOL - you've made me passionate about changing something today like I have you :o)

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