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Why would people do that sort of thing? I mean, to make frosting all you really need is water and icing sugar, surely?

It depends on the frosting as well as the item being frosted. I probably wouldn't put royal frosting on cupcakes, but I might put it on a bundt cake...

do people really call you a food snob because you make things from scratch? mostly people say they don't understand how i have the time to do such things. i don't know why people don't put more effort to making things for their family that taste better and are better for them.

I think they call me a food snob more for the ingredients I choose than for making things from scratch. I tend to buy organic or natural foods. Eh... Who knows why people think the things they think....

I'm with ya. I do cut corners on some things, but when I can- aka, when I have the physical strength and energy, these days- I make from scratch when I can.

And I cannot imagine using creamer in frosting. Blech.

Cutting corners is perfectly normal, I think. There are lots of things I could make but choose to buy instead, like boxed mac and cheese (Back to Nature brand is our favorite). I only mention this because I just found out Sophie doesn't like baked mac n cheese.... What?! She's nuts!

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